How Do We Do It?

The combined principals of Pride Group have over 100 years of experience in Special Events, Construction and Disaster Relief. Many of us working together for more than 10 years, enjoying what we do and not afraid to show it.

We drive ourselves with a commitment to be complete. Never leave anything undone or less than 100%. Make it seem easy from the outside. Make it simple for our Clients and a pleasure for their guests.

Pride Group hires and recruits the most talented individuals. Our business ethos appeals to individuals that are morally sound, extremely driven, well organized, keep themselves above reproach and are committed to exceeding our Client’s expectation.


All discipline is based on pride, meticulous attention to every detail, mutual respect and confidence. Discipline, like so many of the attributes we look for, must be a habit so ingrained that it is stronger than the excitement of the moment or the fear of failure.

Pride Posture™

Our Pride Posture™ is an ideology and philosophy developed to provide a foundation from which all actions, attitudes, decisions and problem solving is generated. It is a belief that we must enjoy what we do in order to be great at it. It is never being satisfied with an end product that is less than 100%. Anyone can be 99%. We are always working towards perfection.


Our passion is not only in our work, but in our lives as a whole. Pride Group Associates participate in Community Time Away, where they are given paid time off to work within their community. Our culture is built on emphasizing a work-life balance, creating positive interactions, participation, mind & body wellness, a positive atmosphere and we never stop learning.

Who’s Been Served

Since 1987, while either working together or for other companies, the Principals of Pride Group have participated and have been key players in many of the largest projects, national disasters and special events in the country. Collectively, they have managed over 10,000 events in 1,200 different venues throughout the United States.

Custom Critical

Pride Group takes the Single Simple Solution™ ethos to heart. Our Custom Critical Division takes on specialty projects for our Clients in order to help them achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently.

Regardless of the challenge presented by our Client, they have sought us out because of our dedication to perfection, our commitment to quality and our proven ability to exceed the expectation. These specialty projects are limited only by our Client’s imagination and needs.

  • Design/fabrication of portable photo booth platform to gather unique spectator data
  • Building custom trailers or vehicles for a specific need
  • Fabricating custom prototypes of modular equipment
  • Design & logistics related to a pull out bleacher system
  • Custom write software for a runner registration application
  • Custom write mobile applications for specific Client Needs
  • Rewrite and repair online bidding software
  • Design/fabrication of mobile cell phone storage and recharge stations
  • Developing cash handling processes for special use operations
  • Developing school fundraising programs generating more than $20,000
  • Build 5K Race programs and implementation plans
  • Public Relations Services for major projects
  • Deployment of thousands of assets across the country

Do Everything With Pride.